Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Imperial Russia 100 Rubles 1910

The Russian 100 ruble issue of 1910 is a rather large sized note at 260 by 122 millimeters and is printed in dark brown on a multicolored underprint.  The front features the Imperial Russian coat of arms in addition to a watermark of Catherine II, while the back features a portrait of the Tzarista along with an allegorical male figure.

These notes were, like many of the others that I've previously examined, issued largely during the rampant inflationary period immediately preceding and encompassing World War I.  As such, prices are relatively cheap, making this a very affordable specimen for most collectors.  Take care to find an example that hasn't been folded, as due to the large size I've seen this occur before at shows.   The Konshin variety is available in the following grades for roughly the following prices: VG:$15, VF:$30, UNC: $50, while the Shipov can be expected to retail for the following: VG: $8, VF: $15, UNC: $30.  As usual, here are the pictures:




  1. Which signature is show on the example given? I have some of these and wonder what is the best way to sell them?

  2. Sorry for the late reply, I've been focused on other endeavors lately but am planning to get back into this blog. The depicted bill has a Shipov signature.

    As for selling, I'd try ebay. Take a look at sold listings to get a general idea of what they're selling for and make sure to include nice photos. People are more willing to bid higher if they can clearly see that they are getting a quality product.