Monday, June 11, 2012

Austria-Hungary 20 Kronen 1907

This is an example of a relatively affordable note from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  Like the German, Russian, and Ottoman empires, the Austro-Hungarian Empire dissolved following the end of World War I.  Due to inflation, and the relatively large numbers of surviving notes, many specimens can be acquired at modest prices and provide a new dimension to one's world banknote collection from a fallen empire.  The 20 kronen example is printed in blue on a red-brown and green underprint, as can be seen in the photographs.  The piece measures 153 by 91 millimeters, and could likely be acquired for the following prices based on condition( all prices approximate and in USD): Good: $6.00, Fine: $15.00, Extra fine: $50.00.  Please refer to my earlier post for determining the condition of a note.  Here are the pics:



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