Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Imperial Russia 5 Rubles 1909

Today we'll finish up the series on the Russian issues of 1909 with the five ruble banknote.  This note shares the same vertical format as the 10 ruble issue, but is smaller in size (99x159 mm as opposed to 105x175mm).  As can be seen from the pictures below, it has a nice blue and  pinkish hue (the obverse picture is slightly inaccurate and the colors came out poorly when I attempted to heighten the contrast in Photoshop.  My personal specimen grades about 'very good' so it took a bit of work to get it looking like it does below. 

In terms of pricing, this note is very affordable and ranges from $2 (VG)-$15 (UNC) for the Konshin signature and $1 (VG) to $3 (UNC) for the Shipov version. 

An interesting aspect of these notes is that they were printed by the Soviet government even after the days of the czars ended and before new paper currency was instituted.  These later prints all bear the Shipov signature and can be distinguished from their imperial counterparts by the abbreviated serial number.  Abbreviated serial numbers consist of two letters and three numerals(as opposed to the usual two letters and six numerals.  Prices range from $1 (VG) to $4 (UNC) for these post-imperial issues.  A notable error in which the letts of the serial numbers are reversed on the bottom as compared to the top (see picture for location of the serial numbers).  this error can command prices ranging from $50 (VG) to $400 (UNC) and would make a nice find in a junk bin if you know what you are looking for!

Here are the promised pictures: 




  1. I have like this but only 3 numbers and two letters

    1. Thanks for sharing and sorry for the lateness of my reply. The short serial number you're describing indicates a soviet issue as mentioned above. Even though these are not true imperial issues, they're still very interesting from a historical perspective!

  2. Am de vanzare, 12 bagnote de 5 ruble din anul 1909 pt. cei interesati ID popaionel123