Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Imperial Russia 10 Rubles 1909

The 10 Ruble issue of 1909 is a beautifully decorated note that can be be easily obtained from most dealers of world paper money.  This was in fact one of my first notes, and I obtained it after stumbling across a world banknote dealer's bins at a major coin show.  From the moment I saw all of the pieces of history that could be readily obtained, I was hooked. 

This note is readily available, even in high grades.  One could expect to pay between $1.50 for an example in 'good' condition up to 20 dollars in uncirculated condition.  This note comes in three major signature varieties --Timashev (1909), Konshin (1909-1912), and Shipov (1912-1917).  As with other Russian issues of the period, the Timashev specimens have the highest prices, followed by the Konshin notes, and finally the Shipov examples.  This decline in price can mainly be attributed to the inflation that plagued the country in the lead-up to the collapse of the Czarist government in 1917. 

Here are the photos of this note:




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